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The Art and Science of Optimization: Evaluation and Selection Starts with Divergence

It might seem counter-intuitive, but choosing the best ideas doesn't start with agreement. It starts with divergence. Being creative with the criteria you generate is vital for successful evaluation. Join Min as he delves into optimization starting with step 5 in the Simplexity Creative Problem Solving approach – Evaluate & Select.

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Generating Quality Ideas: Customer Challenge Mapping, Ideation, and Killing Killer Phrases

Breakthrough ideas require inspiration - but they also need process, and a deep understanding of your customer. Who are they? Where are their obstacles? What are their biggest challenges? Exploring these questions through the Challenge Map process will precisely fuel relevant breakthrough ideas.

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How Might We? Questions that Ignite Big Ideas

Are you the type of person who just likes to "get it done"? Yet sometimes have a nagging feeling that you may have been solving the wrong problem? Join Min as he explores (and addresses) this potential pitfall. How might we frame problems by asking great questions to ignite idea generation and brainstorming efforts? How might we use Challenge Mapping to generate the big "AHA" moments? And how might we use Problem Definition, the critical third step of the innovation process?

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The Process of Innovation: Learning and Inventing

Are some people more creative than others? Do some people "naturally" come up with better, more innovative ideas? It may seem like this, but it is absolutely not the case.

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Building Creativity in the Age of Big Data - Fact-Finding: The Foundation of Innovation

The latest buzzword these days has to be “Big Data”. So, what is it? What do we do with it? How do we be creative with all this information? In our world of "More, more, more. Faster, faster, faster”, how do we mine the vast amounts of data we collect to find the golden nuggets? With our fuzzy situation in hand, we must creatively gather related information and then evaluate and select the key facts to move the process forward. Join Min as he delves into the second step of Simplexity Thinking: Fact Finding or more commonly referred to as market or design research.

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Innovation starts with a problem: Asking the right questions in a solution driven world

We live in a “quarter-end” world where action and implementation appear to be valued above all else: "We already know what the problem is, so why bother with questions?" But what if we’re working on the wrong problems? Problems that are overly tactical, or may not have significant organizational impact? Innovation starts with finding the right problems to solve. In this webinar, join Min as he delves into the first step of Simplexity Thinking: problem finding, or more commonly known as the “fuzzy situation”.

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A Guided Tour of Simplexity Thinking: Going Beyond the Basadur Profile

There’s no shortage of "thought leaders" telling us we need to be more innovative – but how do you actually do it? You don't get innovative results equipped with only knowledge and thinking styles. You need a creative thinking process with learnable skills and tools to make it run. Simplexity Thinking is precisely this process: it connects the Basadur Profile with results. Join Min as he takes you on a guided tour.

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Basadur Profile Deep Dive: Building Teams That Work

In this one hour free webinar you will learn how teams can take advantage of different thinking styles, respect their differences, and work together more creatively and enjoyably.

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How Might We?

As featured in the most recent edition The AUC Business Review published by The American University in Cairo.
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