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Using Simplexity to activate innovation

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Does Strategic Planning Need to be that Complex?

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Is Your Team on the Same Page?

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Innovation skills, attitudes and behaviors can be taught

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Basadur Applied Creativity and Enterprise Saint John Have Teamed up in a New Innovation Program Called Catalyst

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Change Making, Design Thinking, Simplexity, and Innovation

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The Art and Science of Optimization: Evaluation and Selection Starts with Divergence

It might seem counter-intuitive, but choosing the best ideas doesn't start with agreement. It starts with divergence. Being creative with the criteria you generate is vital for successful evaluation. Join Min as he delves into optimization starting with step 5 in the Simplexity Creative Problem Solving approach – Evaluate & Select.

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Generating Quality Ideas: Customer Challenge Mapping, Ideation, and Killing Killer Phrases

Breakthrough ideas require inspiration - but they also need process, and a deep understanding of your customer. Who are they? Where are their obstacles? What are their biggest challenges? Exploring these questions through the Challenge Map process will precisely fuel relevant breakthrough ideas.

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