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Challenge mapping is often where the "aha" moment occurs - where the golden nuggets emerge. "How Might We" challenge mapping uncovers the log jams and becomes the language for innovation.

This step consists of first using divergence to convert the key facts the group selected into a wide variety of creative “how might we?” challenges, and then selecting one (or a few) which seem most advantageous to solve. This step is about making sure the group is asking the right questions and that it comes up with the best definitions of the problem.

The next part of step three is what we call challenge mapping using the "Why - What's Stopping Analysis?". Once a challenge is selected in the initial divergence-convergence, it becomes the “seed” challenge for the “Why - What's Stopping” analysis. By asking “Why. . .?” of the problem statement, the fact articulated is then turned into a new, broader challenge. By asking “Why else. . .?”, additional related broader problem statements are uncovered from the seed challenge. Similarly, the “What's stopping. . .?” question narrows the problem into smaller, more task-oriented subproblems.

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