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Solving complex problems starts with a clearly defined problem, an owner of the problem and stakeholder buy-in. The "Preconsult" pulls this together. We use the process to help you get more clarity around your fuzzy situation.

Before we start any engagement, we conduct what we call a "preconsult". We use the Simplexity Thinking process together, involving you to hone in on  your biggest challenges.   Our job is you help you get some clarity on this fuzzy situation.  Innovation starts with a clearly defined problem that everyone can agree on.  However, this is just the beginning, innovation does not occur until good solutions are implemented.  

In the Preconsult, we use the first three steps of the process, and end up with a "problem definition map" which relates all of the challenges (How Might We's) emerging. The more strategic challenges (goals and objectives) emerge at the top and the more tactical at the bottom.,You are then able to select the key challenges that need solving. These selections often end up virtually in a road map format. We could then discuss potential next steps and options, if any, for you to consider.

At the same time, the preconsult lets you experience how the process actually works in real time. This engages you to experience the methodology to better understand it, especially the emphasis on problem discovery and definition skills that are critical to innovation.

The preconsult requires about two hours to run. Whether or not this leads to further work between us is not an issue.  Regardless, you will achieve a valuable, documented strategic plan to guide you in the future no matter what.

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