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The Simplexity System is our method of applied creativity that interconnects a process of creative problem solving with skills and tools to make that process work.

Invented by Dr. Min Basadur, the system is simple, experiential and inclusive.


The one reason why our clients find the Simplexity Thinking System so powerful is due to the interconnectedness of our skills, process and profile. We use Simplexity Thinking to build applied creativity skills in individuals, teams and organizations.



The Basadur Applied Creativity SKILLS is our inclusive view of innovation and creativity that includes both analytical and imaginative thinking skills. The Simplexity Thinking system recognizes that everyone is creative and that everyone contributes to the creative process in different ways.


The Basadur Applied Creativity PROCESS is a proprietary three-phase process of creative problem solving and innovative thinking that helps you solve complex problems, uncover fresh opportunities and take them to action!


The Basadur Applied Creativity PROFILE is a proprietary tool  for discovering your own creative style and respecting those of others. Each of us has our own unique blend of creative styles.

The Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) is designed to describe individual methods of problem solving. Its aim is to describe how individuals solve problems, not to evaluate problem solving ability.


Creates options in the form of new possibilities or new problems that might be solved and new opportunities that might be capitalized on.


Creates options in the form of alternate ways to understand and define a problem or opportunity, and good ideas that help solve it.


Creates options in the form of ways to get an idea to work in practice and uncovering all of the factors that go into a successful implementation plan.


Creates options in the form of actions that get results and gain acceptance for implementing a change or a new idea.

Everyone is a combination of all four quadrants. All quadrants are equally valued and necessary to the creative problem solving process. To find out your own unique creative problem solving Profile click here.

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