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Getting innovative results requires more than getting the right people in the room. You must have a process, process skills, tools and an understanding of each other's problem solving styles to generate innovative results.

Our process, Simplexity Thinking, helps individuals build their confidence and skills in thinking clearly and innovatively.  It also helps groups think together extremely efficiently. Many of us have often heard and used a killer phrase such as, “It’s a good idea, but…”.  In many group decision-making processes, deferral of judgment doesn’t happen.  We often let our logic take over and begin to evaluate information as we absorb it.  When we don’t separate our divergent and convergent thinking, it is like hitting the accelerator and the brakes of a vehicle simultaneously – nothing happens except a lot of noise. 

Simplexity Thinking helps groups and teams build ownership, excitement and momentum in the problem-solving approach by suspending judgment while the generation of thoughts and options is happening.  By focusing on the best options to move forward during convergence, evaluation occurs without the negativity of criticism.  Instead, meanings are clarified so that people aren’t just assuming that the rest of the group knows what is meant; there is plenty of opportunity to modify and refine ideas.  Teams agree on the criteria used to evaluate solutions and the group works together to move good options ahead in the process. 

Instead of working against each other, participants work with each other to fully understand how others might see the problem, to fully consider the facts and solutions put forward – from minor to radical to obvious, and to develop a plan of action together so that momentum isn’t lost following the meeting.

By committing time upfront to get it right, teams and organizations of all sizes can quickly come to understanding their problem, solving it and taking action.

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