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Dr. Min Basadur shares his experience in building creative thinking, innovation and problem solving capabilities across organizations in these powerful books.

Design-Centered Entrepreneurship

ISBN 9781138920552
US $59.95/Paperback, Hardcover also available.

* This book available through Routledge or Amazon.

Supported by extensive research and field-testing, Design-Centered Entrepreneurship presents a concise, problem-solving approach to developing a unique business concept. Step-by- step guidelines provide insight into exploring market problem spaces, uncovering overlooked opportunities, reframing customer problems, and creating business solutions.

Basadur and Goldsby present students with a creative and practical approach to problem finding, perception, organizational culture, and ethics in the entrepreneurial field. Plenty of useful diagrams help to organize key concepts, making them easily accessible to readers.

Drawing on methodologies from the design field, the book will help students of entrepreneurship fill in the missing piece that transforms opportunity recognition into a viable business concept. Additional support for students and instructors, including a virtual Creative Problem Solving Profile, can be found at

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The Power of Innovation

How to make innovation a way of life and put creative solutions to work
London , U.K. : Pitman Professional Publishing / Applied Creativity Press
ISBN 0-273-61362-6
US $59.95

In a changeable global marketplace, the key competitive advantage of the future will be the ability to innovate. The corporate winners of the next century will be those enterprises who learn how to harness the creative talent of every individual in a systematic way for the betterment of the organization and the customer.

The Power of Innovation lays out a proven framework based on the Simplexity Thinking Process for divergent thinking, developed by Dr. Basadur at the Center for Research in Applied Creativity in Ontario and implemented with major international corporations such as Procter and Gamble, Pepsi Cola and Ford.
This thinking technology can be learned to release creativity and innovation in individuals, groups and organizations; helping you to manage great ideas into action and solve problems creatively.  There is no better way to isolate key issues and develop win-win solutions to even the most complex problems; boosting morale, productivity and communication throughout the organization.  The Power of Innovation is your guide to making innovation a way of life.

Flight to Creativity

How to dramatically improve your creative performance
Applied Creativity Press
ISBN 0-9682034-4-2
US $59.95

"Learning to leverage the creative thinking skills of every individual, regardless of their level, creates the sustainable competitive advantage every corporation is striving for. Simplexity Thinking is a highly effective system that provides senior management with a unique tool to tap into a massive organizational resource."
Jim O'Neal, President & Chief Executive Officer, Frito-Lay International

"Simplexity Thinking is the best fundamental system for defining and solving problems that I've ever used. In a world of change, ambiguity, and conflicting objectives, there is no better way to isolate key issues and evelop win-win solutions. A common framework for communication and interaction for CEO and salesperson alike, Simplexity Thinking creative thinking is the foundation of any high-performance team."
Richard M. Routhier, President, Sales and Merchandising Division, Bantam Doubleday


Viaje a la Creatividad

Como mejorar drasticamente tu aptitud creativa
Applied Creativity Press
ISBN   0-9682034-4-2
US $59.95

Dr. Min Basadur's book, A Flight to Creativity, is available in Spanish as "Viaje a la Creatividad. Como mejorar drasticamente tu aptitud creativa". Translated to meet demand from customers and other readers in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru and areas of the United States.


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