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How Might We… keep up-to-date: announcing Simplexity U

For over 40 years, Simplexity Thinking has been changing how people think, solve problems, and deliver innovative results. And for over 40 years, Dr. Min Basadur and his team have trained thousands to use, lead, and integrate the methodology in their organizations, and their personal careers. But there was always this nagging problem: Without keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in Simplexity thinking, how can you deliver the most innovative results? And then there are the challenges of logistics: how might you find time (or budget) to attend an in-person update workshop?

Enter Simplexity University, an online repository of the latest practical training and thought leadership on the creative problem solving process. It is designed to supplement and update your current knowledge beyond the Simplexity workshops, or allow you to use the resources to pre-prep before you attend. It can be used to refresh your knowledge before you facilitate – or to get your extended team up to speed using a common creative problem-solving vocabulary.

Simplexity Thinking interconnects a process of innovation with skills and tools to make that process work. The one reason why people find Simplexity Thinking so powerful is the interconnection between the skills, process and their own own unique thinking styles. Simplexity Thinking is used to build creativity and innovation skills in individuals, teams and organizations and can be applied to opportunities, big or small, personal or professional, unique or recurring.

Used extensively in the “real world” with companies in every industry, government and the academic world, Simplexity U is a natural extension of Simplexity Thinking. Developed by Dr. Min Basadur, founder of Basadur Applied Creativity, Min and his team have trained thousands of people around the world to use, lead and integrate the methodology in their personal lives and organizational careers.

Simplexity U has been a long-term idea, initially conceived more than 15 years ago. It is a natural extension of our current physical workshops – helping graduates keep their skills sharp but also attract a much larger audience to build better and more capable problem solvers around the world. Most of the material covered in Simplexity U has never been available in one place or to the public. The growth of online learning has also been a key driver.

Simplexity Thinking focuses a group through problem formulation to solution implementation using eight clear steps. Keeping facilitation skills sharp means that you – and your team – become both more capable and more efficient at solving even tougher problems. Now with Simplexity U, people have real-time access to the latest Simplexity Thinking resources on the web, their tablet, or mobile. Furthermore, subscribers can supplement and extend their knowledge beyond the Simplexity Workshops and even better, use Simplexity U to pre-prep a team who might be participating in a workshop. It’s a quick way to get a team up-to-speed using the same language of innovation.

Subscribers to Simplexity U get access to the Basics of Simplexity Thinking, Advanced Topics and Research Articles. The Basics section contains articles, case studies, courses, videos and webinars. This section is the starting point in the curriculum – designed for people with little or no previous experience with Simplexity Thinking. The Advanced Topics section is focused on application of Simplexity to real life business challenges like strategic planning, injecting innovation into continuous improvement, etc. The Articles and Research section contains every article ever published – from the abstracts to the actual article starting with Min’s award winning dissertation published in 1981.

The final section is for those colleagues who have achieved the highest level in Simplexity training. These people are designated as Professional Innovation Advisors (PIAs). In addition to having complete access to the content in the other three sections, PIAs have access to an additional section dedicated to material that accompanies and enhances the PIA workshop training. We offer document templates for building proposals, drafting concept documents, detailed case studies based on actual completed projects plus many more resources. Eventually, the PIA recertification exam will be accessed and delivered through the website.

Each month we will be adding new content – from courses to research articles. We also want to hear from our colleagues in the field to collaborate more on research and get more stories from the field. How might we build more two-way communication and create a robust community of practitioners all engaged in turning the world onto Simplexity? What a great way to revolutionize how people think and lead the creative economy in the 21st century!

Interested? There is a free 30-day trial available to anyone who wants to experience the methodology. Check it out at

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