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Research Notes From a World-Class CEO
Round-Table on Leadership

Question #1: What is Leadership?

  • DEVELOPING NEW LEADERS WHO CAN ENGAGE PEOPLE IN DRIVING CHANGE (even if they do not have authority over them).
  • Energizing and engaging people in teams.
  • Engaging the hearts not just the minds of others.
  • Being comfortable with knowing it's a team game.
  • Knowing that you can learn no matter how old you are.

Question #2: As a CEO, how do you drive change?

  • Start with PRIORITIES…..”What do you want to change?…..What changes do you want to make?”
  • Get your BEST people on it.
  • You need a PROCESS for change…a common language.
  • Then you MEASURE it…the measure may not be perfect, but…
  • There must be CONSEQUENCES…those who don't want to drive change leave the company.
  • Teach EACH other (how to do it best).
  • Permanent change TAKES TIME...often a 3-5 year deal. You must relate change to the individual's aspirations.


The successful leaders of the 21st century will be those who can lead their organization and teams to make driving valuable change a standard way of life. This is more challenging than leading for making the routine more efficient, because it requires skills in leading others to think innovatively – leading other to continuously discover new opportunities and problems and implement new solutions for competitive edge. This will be especially important for leading interdisciplinary teams at every level in thinking innovatively together. Getting to people to think innovatively together requires the leader to know how to synchronize the thinking of others.

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