Basadur Applied Creativity Partners with CCI Resources to Enhance Basadur Profile

Basadur Applied Creativity (BAC) is delighted to announce a new partnership with CCI Resources, resulting in the launch of a new and significantly more advanced Basadur Profile. Many of you will be aware of the hard work and insight which has gone into creating the most powerful assessment of individual and team problem solving styles available.

The enhanced profile incorporates tracking and comparison features to allow individuals to make more satisfying career choices, and managers to build more effective teams. A new website developed by CCI Resources – – will focus on making the profile relevant and accessible to high school and post-secondary students.

“We conduct hundreds of thousands of post-secondary student surveys every year but we were most impressed with the Basadur Profile and its ability to help students unlock their innovation skills,” says Ted Hodge, CEO of CCI Resources Inc. “We were so impressed that we decided to partner with Basadur to make it available to students around the world.”

Messaging and results on the newly-designed website are tailored toward the needs of students, who are exploring career options in a world where innovation, uncertainty and rapid change will shape their futures.

“It’s hugely important to help young people understand themselves,” says Dr. Min Basadur, president of Basadur Applied Creativity. “With CCI Resource’s vast experience and worldwide outreach, we will be able to deliver our leading-edge insights into personal creativity to students everywhere.”

The advanced profile offers users:

  • an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of problem solving styles, including preferences for acquiring and using knowledge;
  • an understanding of the impact of style on performance, working relationships and the ability to drive innovation forward;
  • a method for effective team management, with greater insight into member preferences, strengths and weaknesses;
  • a team reporting function to allow for the construction of more collaborative, innovative and happy teams;
  • the ability to track style changes over time by completing the profile again;
  • a comparison to the style of others within age, profession and job categories;
  • a personal profile to help individuals choose careers where they will excel and be satisfied.

Basadur Applied Creativity brings a research-based framework to helping individuals and organizations enhance their innovative abilities. Teams are trained in the skilled and deliberate use of a proven creative problem solving process that increases success and provides sustainable competitive advantage. The Basadur Profile, which allows individuals to understand the process and their creative preferences, has been translated into 15 languages and completed by more than 150,000 people worldwide.

CCI Resources is a leader in research and technical support since 1989. Their growth and success has been based upon the core values of quality, integrity, collaboration, professionalism, and innovation paired with the ability to provide value, efficiency, and outstanding customer service to their clients. These values are applied across all areas of their business services and solutions that include Research, Contact Centre Services, Employee Engagement, and Information Management. In 2017, CCI Resources developed a separate division called CCI Innovate to make the Basadur Profile accessible to students.

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