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Our purpose is to implement positive change in health care operations. Our goals are to reduce wait time, improve the patient experience and help make the workplace experience smoother and more satisfying for all.

basadur healthOver the past five years we have completed more than 15 successful projects in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare clients tell us that there are two key things that make us unique – what we do for them and how we do it.

What we do for them is the rapid implementation of process change and the delivery of measurable results. We stand apart from our competitors because we do not take months of your time to deliver volumes of reports with a large invoice and a pitch for more money to actually do something – to implement.

We immediately get to the task of leading change implementation initiatives. We facilitate change for the better from the inside out. We work fast and effectively to get at the heart of the matter and to actually improve administrative process. We deliver brief yet thorough summary reports along with an implementation plan which we then execute. We focus on the patient experience and clinical throughput. And we realize improvement, almost always, with no additional capital cost. We call this “work smart”.

How we do it is by fully engaging and collaborating with your internal professional teams using our well established and proven Simplexity Thinking methodology. This approach enables those affected by the change to be actively involved in objective reflection, to see how they work now, where there is opportunity to improve, to help design new procedures and to implement change for the better.

Our talented and resourceful team posses a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude with abundant enthusiasm and commitment.  We take a leadership role with all of those involved in the change including directors, physicians, nurses, clerks, administrators and communicators.

We fully support the entire team in operational revision to get improved sustainable process up and running.  To learn even more, please call us at 905-690-4903 for a no-charge pre-consult.

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