what we do

Imagine a combination of a creative and functional environment, high-proficiency consulting expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, delivered in a special space to develop your organization’s competitive advantage and sustain it as a way of life.

This is the Basadur Applied Creativity Innovation Center

Deliverables are achieved in half the time required using normal business approaches, and clients leave with physical documentation of tangible results for immediate communication and implementation.

We can install an Applied Creativity Innovation Center in your facility with your own Master Simplexity Thinking Consultants or you can come to ours.

If you are interested in having an Applied Creativity Innovation Center to develop your organization’s sustainable competitive advantage we will meet with you and involve you in designing the right customized concept for you and an implementation plan that will work.

We can manage your Applied Creativity Innovation Center for you or in partnership with you as we train your people to the Master Simplexity Thinking Consultant level to deliver the products, and we mentor them throughout their careers.

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