what we do

We help make applied creativity a way of life in organizations.

Is creativity a way of life in your company? Do people in your organization... 

  • Come in every day to solve problems?
  • Relentlessly pursue new ideas until they are implemented successfully?
  • Say "How might we...?" When others say "We can't because..."
  • Spot potential problems and take steps to solve them in advance?
  • Anticipate new opportunities and take action
  • Routinely turn crisis into opportunities?

Rather than just one more initiative that becomes the "flavor of the month", we'll design a program that is just right for you. We start you from scratch or enhance what you are already doing.  We give you everything you need for a creative culture. After a while you wont need us anymore. And we'll be glad.

Why: Measurable strategic results.  Sustainable competitive edge.

How: Start with an applied creativity audit.

Who: Corporate-wide.

Where: From shop floor to boardroom.

When: You’ll never want to stop!

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  • Ask us. We create solutions.


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