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Would you like your teams to work together more efficiently, innovatively and enjoyably?

In response to continuous demand, we have developed the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile (CPSP) Team Builder Kit, an excellent way for leaders to teach their teams about the creative process, and help teams respect and synchronize different thinking and problem solving orientations of fellow members.

The Team Builder kit is a turnkey way for people not experienced in Simplexity Thinking to use the online Profile to run an effective team building session or for a professor or teacher to introduce creativity and innovation into their curriculum.

The Team Builder Kit contains the following:

  1. Instructions for the team leader on how to order the online profile for each team member.

  2. An Instructor's Guide to help debrief the participants and lead a classroom or group discussion after they have received their results.

The cost for this Team builder Kit is $250. plus a per participant cost of $25.  We offer a discounted price for academic institutions and not-for-profit usage.  The team Builder Kit can be purchased online with a credit card through the Basadur Profile website.

Scatter Diagram
Also available is a “team scatter diagram” with a professional analysis to help your team visualize its composite Profile and consider how good a fit they might be as a team what they might do to ensure a balanced approach to their work together. Pricing for this scatter diagram and analysis is $250.

All orders to be prepaid. HST is extra for Canadian residents. Educational pricing is available at a reduced rate for all of the above.

For complete information and to register, go to www.basadurprofile.com or contact our office at info@basadur.com or by phone 905-690-4903.

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