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Teams that are hot produce tangible results time and time again. They exceed expectations.

Characteristics of effective or “hot” teams include empathy, trust, gaining acceptance for ideas, and reaching consensus among team members. Every team member has his or her own process of thinking.  Within that process, each person has a different preference or “style’ within that process.  Digging deeper and learning more about individual problem solving styles can go a long way towards building these critical characteristics.

We help our clients see how important critical thinking styles affect bottom line performance, and teach them to start looking beyond hiring the “best” individuals and concentrate more on hiring people who will naturally become part of a complete team.  If your team is already set, why not see what each other’s thinking styles are to identify your strengths and potential weaknesses?  Do we have any generators?  If not, how does this affect what we have to do especially if we are focused on new product or service development?  The Basadur Profile should be the first tool you use to get everyone on the same page.  Many of our clients use the Profile to introduce their people to the concept of cognitive diversity, innovation and problem solving.

Furthermore, we know from our research that people with similar styles find it easy to work together but often fall short in performance. We also know opposing problem solving styles can cause friction among team members, but teams with a mix of problem solving styles are more innovative and productive.

If you are keen to put together a hot team or calibrate and existing team, perhaps you might want to survey the landscape of your organization’s thinking styles before putting some of the pieces together. We guarantee results and even offer some team building instructional tips and guides to ensure you are successful.  Everything is available for you online, a great place to start is over at our Basadur Profile website and the Team Builder Kit.

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