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For more than 25 years, Basadur Applied Creativity has been helping organizations achieve real and tangible results.

Improved health care
Basaur Health helped the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre achieve the Ontario wait time target where 70% of new patients started systemic therapy treatment within 4 weeks of referral. Prior to the project, the average wait time, based on a rolling 3 month median, was 5.5 weeks from referral to treatment. Read more>

Higher productivity across the board
Using the Basadur Applied Creativity system, Frito-Lay involved employees at every level in cost-improvement teams and achieved its goal of reducing costs by $500 million one year ahead of schedule. The bigger bonus: a permanent shift to a creative problem solving culture.

Leveraging applied creativity
Bozzuto’s, a grocery distribution company, faced a multimillion-dollar customer return situation.  Key players tackled this issue, as a team, during Simplexity Thinking training. Buoyed by its initial success in the workshop, the team created a new credit procedure that reduced returns by 50% in the first year.

Breaking problem log jams
In a facilitated applied creativity session, a cross-functional PepsiCo team solved a longstanding problem, freeing $12 million directly to the bottom line.

Strategic planning, profit improvement
Top management at Goodrich Corporation used the Basadur Applied Creativity system to map out corporate strategy and create an action plan. Building on a very enthusiastic reception, the company used the system at both global management and manufacturing/quality conferences, the latter generated at least $25 million a year in cost savings.

Facilitating culture change
Changing markets compelled Kimball Corporation to break employees’ longstanding reliance on top managers and to think for themselves. The Basadur Applied Creativity system was the key to opening the “mental tool box,” which allowed thousands of employees to understand the company’s new goals and  to implement many new initiatives such as ISO 9000 and ERP.

Rapid strategic growth
In order to meet a new competitive threat, a Con Agra product development and marketing team invested two days in developing a dozen concepts for new food products and in testing those concepts with consumer focus groups.
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