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The world’s decision makers have great things to say about Min Basadur’s Simplexity Thinking System for Creative Problem Solving.

"Simplexity Thinking is stimulating, action-filled, and powerful training that greatly enhances one’s ability to lead problem identification and resolution activities. I highly recommend it."
Phil Sheehan, Engineering Manager, Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Carbon Operations, Pueblo, Colorado, Goodrich Corporation.
"Dr. Basadur is able to captivate an audience with his powerful message, and he does so in a style that is both simple and sensitive. He opened up a whole new ballpark for many of us!"
Larry Cassie, Manager, Training and Development, Government of Canada.
"A highly effective process that can provide senior management with a unique tool to tap into a massive organizational resource. Learning to leverage the creative thinking skills of every individual, regardless of their level, creates the sustainable competitive advantage every corporation is striving for."
Jim O’Neal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Frito-Lay International.
"The Simplexity Thinking process is the best fundamental program for defining and solving problems I’ve ever used...A language for CEO’s, Marketers and sales teams alike, the most important tool in the tool-kit."
Richard M Routhier, Director, Spencer Stuart.
"The process has helped us to unleash the hidden creativity within the organization. It provides a common problem solving language that has been useful in crossing departments, functions, and business units. The “How might we?” and “What’s stopping us?” never fails to put the group in a positive frame of mind. The problem solving wheel provides an excellent structure for getting at solutions to those “fuzzy” problems."
Randy Jensen, Vice President Operations Resources, McCormick & Company Inc. Corporate Division.
"We have found the Simplexity Thinking CPS process to be effective not only in removing the “fuzz” from problem definition but in helping us to assign ownership of problems and, therefore, responsibility for implementing solutions once developed."
Olga Delvecchio, Manager, Quality Systems Development. Stelco Inc.
"Creative Problem Solving has taken confrontation out of the creative process. It has become an integral part of every meeting. Whenever seeking solutions to major issues, we almost automatically go to the Min Basadur diverge/converge process. We’ve used this process to prioritize training objectives, marketing objectives and organizational objectives."
John F. Gabriel, President, Pepsi-Cola Bottlers’ Association.
"I have been involved with several consultants but religiously adhere to the teachings of only two: Min Basadur and Tom Peters. Min’s value to me and ultimately to The Coca Cola Company has been invaluable."
Steven C. Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, Senior VP, The Coca Cola Company.
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